Online Marketing

Generate more leads and grow your business with online marketing. We can optimize your website to increase exposure and achieve higher rankings, manage your listings to improve your online presence, and generate more positive reviews for your business to boost your reputation.

SEO Plus

Our SEO Plus service builds on the Small Business SEO package by including on-site content improvements, monthly optimizations, press releases, link building, and keyword research for up to 5 keyword targets as well as optimizations to local landing pages. Five keywords will get you started, but you can pay for as many as you want.

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Small Business SEO

SEO helps to ensure that your site is accessible to search engines like Google™, Bing™, Yahoo™, etc. and improves its chances that it will be indexed and achieve higher rankings. Our web content producers follow local trends to build and connect content to your products and services, increasing your website’s opportunities in search engine results.

Social Promotion

Our writers will manage and create social media posts on your company’s behalf, so followers can then share, like, and/or tweet your targeted content to create and reach new opportunities.

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Email Marketing

We keep your opt-in customers informed with professional emails tailored to match your brand. Monthly mailings are sent promoting your company’s special offerings, products, and even new industry developments; keeping your products and services at the forefront of prospects’ short-term memory.

Promotional Videos

A promotional video improves your internet presence. Google™ actually indexes professional videos and websites with videos higher in their organic search results. You can share them on social media and YouTube™, improving your chances of reaching new customers.

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